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The History of Brindabella Ski Club

The Brindabella Ski Club has recently prepared this historical booklet for you to download thanks to the efforts of volunteers within the club including Margaret Simpson, Richard Blavins and Wal Costanzo. It can be downloaded using the link below.

60th Anniversary Slideshow 

This is the slideshow that was presented at the Club's 60th anniversary dinner. The slideshow is quite large (~55MB) and runs for 19 minutes.
60 Years of Skiing - Brindabella Ski Club (YouTube)

Historic Guthega Video

This short 8 minute video is of the opening of Kyilla in July 1960 by Sir William Hudson, the then Commissioner of Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Authority and is also about a building work party at Kyilla before this opening. 

Could anyone with information about the members or the filmmaker in the film please contact:

Wal Costanzo, au or Margaret Simpson,

The Historical Sub Committee is interested in identifying the filmaker or those members in the film for the club's records.

The 16mm film was found unidentified in the Club's storage unit. Thanks to Richard Blavins for organising its transfer into this digital format.

BSC Guthega 16mm historic film (YouTube)

Margaret Simpson

Historical links

Perisher Historical Society 
Thredbo Ski Museum

17 Feb 2019 01:11