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Brindabella Ski Club provides accommodation facilities in Thredbo and Guthega for use by members in Summer and Winter.

About Our Club

The Club is a non-commercial private sports club with a history dating back to 1951 when it was founded by a group of enthusiastic Canberra skiers. Membership now comes from the Canberra region and all parts of NSW. The Club enables members to pursue mountain sports activities and provides friendly, affordable, quality accommodation, supported by good governance, and sustainable environmental practices. Until 1997 the Club was called the YMCA Ski Club of Canberra.

The Club has three modern, comfortable lodges with mostly double/twin rooms with ensuites. It currently operates two lodges in Guthega – Tiobunga (a new lodge opened in 2008) and Kyilla and one lodge in Thredbo - Waragun (a new lodge opened in 2004).

The Brindabella Ski Club has a special character. It is a volunteer based not-for-profit association whose members are enthusiastic people sharing a love of alpine sports across a variety of disciplines and who give freely of their time and resources to maintain and develop all aspects of the Club. The Club has about 800 members covering all ages. Entry to the Club is restricted by numbers and assessed on the basis of a willingness to participate in, and contribute to the Club and alpine sports.

As one of the oldest ski clubs in Australia, with new lodges in two premier ski resorts, and enthusiastic and committed members, the future of the Brindabella Ski Club has never looked better.


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Mountain Biking and Photography weekend

Location: Thredbo - Waragun
Date: Thu 25 Apr 2019 to Sun 28 Apr 2019
BSC is hosting a Mountain Biking and Photography weekend. Thredbo is very committed to mountain bike riding with numerous tracks specifically designed and built for this growing sport. We have had a lot of interest in MTB. We have also had a lot of interest in photography lessons. So we are doing both on the one weekend.  More

25 Mar 2019 23:09